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Aqualight PTM series ultraviolet disinfection systems

Flow Rate : 2gpm (7.5lpm, 0.5m3/hr) to 52gpm ( 197lpm, 11.4m3/hr)

Residential and Commercial Applications, One Lamp Operation

4-Log (99.99%) Reduction in Bacteria, Viruses and Protozoan Cysts

SS304 Material (SS316 on Request)

Lamp Operating LED, Audible Lamp Failure

UV Relative Intensity in %, Low UV Alarm

2-Stage Lamp Power, 4-20mA Output (Optional)

Lamp Life 365 Days Countdown with Resettable

Lamp Replacement Reminder, Controller Total Running Days

Deferred Alarm (4 times max.), Dry Contact (Lamp or Power Fails)