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Aqualight PMTOC and TOC series ultraviolet TOC reduction systems
Flow Rate:1gpm(0.25m3/hr) to 15gpm(34,3/hr)@120mJ/cm2
material:ss304(ss316 on Request)

The TOC Reduction systems are designed specifically for the reduction of total organic carbon (TOC) levels. These systems are designed with shorter wavelength UV lamps emitting their spectral output at 185nm. These "shorter" wavelength lamps emit more energy than standard 254nm lamps producing hydroxyl free radicals (OH) which is turn oxidizes most organics into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).

These systems are designed specifically for the treatment of ultrapure waters such as those found in the production of semiconductors and other processes requiring water with extremely low levels TOC. All TOC Reduction systems produce UV dosages in excess 120mJ/cm2 at the end of lamp life.